Your vacation in Sardinia

Are you looking for a holiday that is relaxing and fun at the same time? Then Sardinia is the right place for you!

Explore an amazing natural world, and try new sporting activities every day. From the crystalline water and the gorgeous beaches of the hidden “Cale”, to the top of the Genargento mountain passing through “I Tacchi” – which is a paradise for climbers – in Sardinia you can find something to please everyone.

Sardinia, and Ogliastra in particular, is a continuous mixture of colors, smells and unique sensations that will conquer your heart the moment you step on the island.



    Hotel in Sardinia: Motorbikes

    If you are passionate about riding your motorbike, you will love Sardinia. The Domus De Janas Beach Resort is the ideal destination if you want to explore…
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    Hotel in Sardinia: The beaches

    Sardinia is a paradise, however nowadays lots of areas and beaches have been discovered and promoted by the tourism industry, hence you will find those places…
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    Hotel in Sardinia: diving

    Ogliastra has one of the nicest coastlines in Sardinia, and you haven’t seen the best of our sea without experiencing the diving or snorkelling here…
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    Hotel in Sardinia: Excursions

    A big number of different and charming routes will lead you through the wild nature of Sardinia, bringing you from the top of the mountains all the way…
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    Hotel in Sardinia: Archeology

    There are many prehistoric sites, a remaining testimony of ancient cultures that left this land thousands of years ago. All around Ogliastra…
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    Hotel in Sardinia: Canoe

    We think that there is more to do than just swimming in the Sardinian sea – so why not test some new water activities? In front of the hotel you will find …
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    Hotel in Sardinia: Events calendar

    Discover the calendar with all the major events that will take place in spring and summer in our surroundings. Ancient celebrations, local festivals…
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